Running an efficient operation isn’t easy. It requires thorough, careful analysis of controlled, real-time data achieved through reliable, accurate and repeatable process monitoring and measuring. By effectively conditioning, sampling and measuring gas, liquid, slurry, powder, solids, steam or water within their production environments, Sentry solutions enable customers to obtain the critical insights they need to control and optimize their processes.


Power generation customers worldwide choose our cost-efficient, safe and reliable steam and water sampling and monitoring systems, products and services.

Food & Beverage

Food & beverage producers and processors can make confident strategic decisions only when they have access to the real-time data provided through representative sampling.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Running an efficient chemical or petrochemical plant requires controlled, real-time data obtained only through representative sampling within the process stream and production environment.

Oil & Gas

It is critical that the world’s petroleum operations run seamlessly, safely and efficiently, with support from proven and reliable sampling and monitoring products and solutions.


Running an efficient cement operation requires critical data obtained through representative sampling of cement from clinker to slag to finish.


The mining industry requires rugged, expert representative sampling solutions designed for repeatedly handling abrasive media.


Efficient pharmaceutical industry operation requires sampling solutions for sanitary use, reactors, dryers, pipes, tanks, mixers, closed systems and corrosive and specialty material applications.

Your Market

Sentry samplers can be used in many more applications and industries than just those listed here. Please contact us with your specific sampling application and we will be happy to help you.