About SWAN
SWAN Analytical Instruments is a pioneering technology provider of online water quality measuring analytical systems, serving customers in the power, process automation, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and the potable water industry. SWAN’s comprehensive instrumentation portfolio is entirely dedicated to water analysis providing reliable and cost efficient low-maintenance instrument solutions. These online monitoring instruments help to improve the process efficiency and productivity while assuring the water quality.

SWAN is one of the leading manufacturers of on-line analytical instruments. SWAN has been a global leading provider of on-line analytical systems in the water industry. The current product portfolio ranges from ultrapure water (like pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications), feedwater, steam and condensate monitoring as well as potable water and industrial water treatment up to swimming pool and sanitary water applications.

Every single instrument is made in Switzerland. In-house manufacturing is necessary for critical parts such as sensors. Every sensor, every instrument has been developed and manufactured at SWAN’s headquarter in Switzerland. Each step, from the machine part to the final assembly undergoes severe quality control procedures. No instrument leaves the company without a final testing under real conditions. Only by these diverse quality checks, can we follow our principle: Every instrument must perform to the full satisfaction of its user.

Precision, reliability and a determination for excellence are qualities which make SWAN an ideal partner for you. We achieve this by relying on long-term supplier relationships and by steadily improving the quality of the parts. There is no quality without the commitment of every employee. SWAN’s staff also consists of a group of highly qualified and motivated specialists. And self-responsibility is the key to the flat organization structure and pleasant/convenient working conditions.

SWAN Instrumentation South Africa PTY Ltd. is an authorized representative of the Sentry brand of products and services.